Britany Nola Playboy Playmate November 2012

Britany Nola is posing nude for Playboy as Playmate of the Month November 2012.

Britany Nola Bio

Playboy Playmate of the Month November 2012, Britany Nola is a free thinker. She spends a lot of time brightening and constantly thinking about our existence and life. “I have a creaming for knowledge, intelligence is very sexy,” she says.
Born in Canada, Britney family moved to Upstate New York when she was 2 year-old, then later to Pennsylvania. Britany Nola’s mother is white from an Irish background and her father is black. “I feel lucky to have been raised with two distinct perspectives,” she adds.
When she is stressed or had a really hard time Miss November comes back home and brings her dog at her backyard. She sits on the lake dock and enjoys the quietness and the view.

The scene where Britany Nola shot for Playboy was very retro. She just feels like back into the sixties. Britney is a big fan of the sixties and the seventies, with her father she listened to a lot of Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones, “I own vinyl”! She also has been very inspired by the film “Easy Rider”, her favourite one: “You learn a lot from a film, about sexuality and my own sexual experience. To learn so many different things you have to be a free spirit.”
Britany Nola has a really big obsession with beautiful women, the grace of the women and the way of a woman carries herself. She loves the big bushes and the big poufy hair from her Playboy collection. “I want to bring the bush back”, Miss November claims. “The first time I ever did something sexual with a boy, he liked to tell everyone that I have a bush. Everyone made fun of me, it was embarrassing.”

Britany Nola was a theatre kid. Because she was quite cute and looked like Shirley Temple when she was little, she got a lot of attention. “I always wanted to be an actress, I took theatre for a long time“, explains Britney who has just made a film called “American Ectasy”. “It’s kind of a little porno art and a little art. My character is just a woman who has had a lot of devastation in her life.”
Miss November has been modelling for three years. “With modelling, it’s all about selling a product. With Playboy it’s different; you have to pay attention to just being sexy and loving yourself. I think Playboy is freedom for women”, concludes Britany Nola, our beautiful Playmate of the Month November 2012.


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Britany Nola Datasheet

Birthdate: April 12, 1991
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario
Bust: 34B
Waist: 26
Hips: 36
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 125lbs


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Britany Nola Summarize

Ambitions: To challenge, change and inspire our society through my writing, acting and modeling.
Turn-Ons: A man with passion and intelligence who is challenging and difficult and makes me question everything.
Turnoffs: An intimidated man full of insecurities who is easily embarrassed. A follower. What else? Oh yes! I loathe arrogant egocentrics with nary a hint of humour.
Men Of My Dreams: Peter Fonda, Jeremy Irons, Gene Wilder and Paola Nutini (who should give me a call).
The Book I Love Most: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.
Warning: If we meet, expect strange yet fun random bouts of energy. I’m inordinately fond of drinking red wine and having deep philosophical conversations with myself. We are not machines!

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