Ashley Mattingly Playboy Playmate March 2011

Ashley Mattingly is posing nude for Playboy as Playmate of the Month March 2011.

Ashley Mattingly Bio

Break a sweat with Miss March. “I’m really good at having fun!” says 24-year-old Ashley Mattingly. Evidence of her carefree spirit: She revels in traveling on annual “girls’ trips” to such locales as Monaco and Greece (“I’ve been to Santorini, Mykonos and Athens–amazing”). She throws dinner parties (“I love to entertain with wine, food and flowers”) and she kayaks off the coast of Malibu, where she will occasionally partake in some au naturel relaxation (“I take everything off, lie back and go ‘Ahhh…’”). A shy kid, her enchanting joie de vivre first burst forth in high school. “Joining the track and cross-country teams helped bring out my personality,” explains Ashley, a native Texan who four years ago moved from Dallas to Beverly Hills. “At the end of every race I would laugh. People would ask me why I was laughing so hard, and I’d say, ‘I’m just having so much fun!’” Today, however, her pleasure has become more glam. “I adore slipping on a Versace dress and a pair of Jimmy Choos and going to dinner at Madeo in L.A., which is so much fun and such a scene. The paparazzi are always out front! I don’t just love the glamour scene; I want to be part of it.” So take heed: If you’re driving along Rodeo Drive, be on the lookout for a silver BMW. “Do I weave in and out of cars?” asks our unstoppable Miss March. “Yes. But it’s not that I’m driving too fast; it’s that everybody else is driving too slow!”


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Ashley Mattingly Datasheet

Birthplace: Dallas, TX
Bust: 32C
Waist: 24
Hips: 32
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 100 lbs


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Ashley Mattingly, Playboy playmate of the Month March 2011, is posing nude with black stockings.


Ashley Mattingly Summarize

Ambitions: To always be a fun, helpful person and Playmate–I want to turn this into a career!
Turn-Ons: A worldly man who works hard and plays hard but who is always sweet, loving and caring.
Turnoffs: Fake, rude, out-of-shape slobs who smell and eat with their mouths open!
My Idea Of Sexy: A woman who holds herself well, is impeccably classy and is not judgmental of others.
Favorite Song Of The Day: “Superman” by JD Evolution–it’s fun, upbeat and has a message of positivity.
All Time Favorite Movie: Arthur with Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli. It never fails to make me laugh!
My Hero: Hef! You made it respectable for beautiful women to express their personality in a HOT way.

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