Amelia Talon Playboy Playmate June 2012

Amelia Talon is posing nude for Playboy as Playmate of the Month June 2012.

Amelia Talon Bio

With a natural talent for gaming as sharp as her name, Amelia Talon has been “pwning noobs” her whole life. I have a Pokemon Pokeball tattoo on the nape of my neck, that’s how committed I am,” tells Amelia Talon, a World of Warcraft master and a fervant Call of Duty zombie slayer. Her ultimate mission? To reverse the stereotype of the basement-dwelling gamer. “Gaming has always been viewed as a boy and nerd thing,” she complains with a laugh. “I want to show that gamers can be both female and cool.”

Amelia’s surprisingly calm, her behaviour comes from her Pacific Northwest education. Native from Washington state, she spent many days as a kid hiking in the Olympic Mountains and rafting down the Dungeness River. That said, she wasn’t always so leisurely and brave. “It wasn’t until I was 15 that I started dating and reaching out to people,” she explains. “Before that, I was really shy and was worrying a lot about being classified as a nerd. I wore trench coats and black boots and hung out with the goth kids.”

After her high school graduation, Amelia Talon considered a career in game design, but instead she decided to pursue modelling. “It’s an art form too,” the 22 yo women says. Modelling is also something that has begun to match her passion for gaming. “It’s fun turning guys on, maybe because I wasn’t sexy when I was younger. I was the artsy goth girl in the corner. But now look at me! I’m a successful model and Playboy Playmate. I feel like the ugly duck who has turned into a beautiful swan.”


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Amelia Talon Datasheet

Bust: 34 D
Waist: 24
Hips: 36
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 115 lbs
Birthplace: Port Angeles, WA


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Amelia Talon Summarize

Ambitions: I want to continue to create gorgeous pictures and become a spokesmodel who is a household name.
Turn-Ons: Guys with a great sense of humor who can lie back with me and enjoy life. I need someone to laugh with.
Turn-Offs: Someone who is self-involved and a negative Nancy. Please don’t rain on my parade!
I’m Kind Of One Of The Guys Because: Other girls seem to have cute, tiny toy dogs for pets. I must be a freak because I’d love to have a huge Great Dane.
Furthermore: I have a passion for muscle cars. My first was a purple 1966 Ford Mustang named Amethyst.
I’m Quite Domestic: Give me a pair of awesome headphones and good beats like Skrillex, and I’ll gladly clean the house. If I had some strobe lights you could watch me rave-clean!

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