Alana Campos Playboy Playmate September 2012

Alana Campos is posing nude for Playboy as Playmate of the Month September 2012.

Alana Campos Bio

Alana Campos was born in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis, a subtropical paradise so wonderful that it’s called the Island of Magic. Among its enchanting qualities: 42 pristine beaches where sea turtles and dolphins swim and surfers converge to ride world-renowned waves. “it’s beautiful there,” Alana says. “You’re completely surrounded by the ocean. Everybody is always smiling. I try to take that energy with me wherever I go.” There is, however one problem with Florianopolis. “All the girls are awesome and gorgeous,” Alana says. “When you go out at night, you become just another pretty face. It’s very annoying.”

Nevertheless, Alana’s unforgettable face caught the attention of Ford Models after she won a series of local beauty pageants, including one sponsored by her favourite soccer club, Avai. “I never dreamt of becoming a model,” she says, “I actually wanted to become a flight attendant so I could travel all the world for free. But now I love to be a model because I’m always having fun and looking great.” On a lark, she decided to submit photos to Playboy. “I had never shot nude before or even gone topless on a beach,” she says. “To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a response.” But within three months of her submission, Hugh Heffner has selected her as Miss September. “I feel lucky,” she says, flashing. Then with spontaneity, Alana bursts into a torrent of Portuguese. “Estou muito feliz por estar aqui representando a beleza do meu pais Brazil. Esou amando ser uma Playmate!” The translation: “I’m very pleased to be here representing the beauty of my country, Brazil. And I love being a Playmate!”


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Alana Campos Datasheet

Bust: 36C
Waist: 25
Hips: 36
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 118 lbs
Birthplace: Florianopolis, Brazil


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Alana Campos Summarize

Ambitions: Buying my own house and enjoying a successful modeling career.
Turn-ons: Broad shoulders, strong legs and, most important, beautiful eyes that make me melt.
Turnoffs: In Brazil we have an expression “cabeca de camarao”, which means “shrimp head” It refers to guys who carry a lot of nothing inside their heads. Don’t be one!.
Recipe To My Heart: One cup of honesty, one tablespoon of humor and as much appreciation as passion as you’ve got.
What Always Makes Me Laugh: Being tickled on my tummy
My Philosophy: Dreams come true. If you believe and work hard, you will get what you want. Look at me!

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